SAN JOSE, Calif., Sept. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Peaxy® announced the release of Aureum® 5.1, a data access solution that connects the enterprise to all its large unstructured data sets across different physical locations and the cloud.

“We know from experience that Aureum is a key infrastructure component in more complex analytical solutions and predictive applications,” said Peaxy CEO Manuel Terranova. “This version positions Peaxy as an agile company that supports digital twin, simulation management and predictive maintenance projects at enterprise scale.”

Aureum 5.1 is being used by Fortune 100 companies in the Industrial Internet, aviation and power generation industries as an essential data staging area for analytics that solve real-world business problems. Typically companies need a data access solution to manage and preserve “crown-jewel data sets” like geometry, simulation and telemetry.

Aureum 5.1 is the Hubble release, named after Edwin Hubble, the famous American astronomer and telescope namesake.

About Peaxy
Companies that work with the Peaxy technologies and applications are focused on data-driven strategies and industrial decisions. Aureum makes it possible to find, mine, manage, analyze and reuse enterprise data — whenever it was created, wherever it is located. Peaxy is a leader in industrial advanced analytics, including simulation management, condition-based maintenance, predictive maintenance and digital twins.