Peaxy has been selected by Eos Energy Storage to implement an integrated data strategy that lets Eos access advanced analytics to improve how its data supports business objectives.

Peaxy is adapting its asset management application, Peaxy Lifecycle Intelligence (PLI), to meet the specific needs of a data-intensive energy storage innovator like Eos. PLI will enable Eos to speed up its R&D efforts, minimize manufacturing variability, and more accurately predict maintenance needs.

“We’re in a data intensive industry, so it’s important we get all our data to work for us,” says Philippe Bouchard, SVP of Business Development at Eos. “Partnering with Peaxy ensures that we build the right data foundations to continuously innovate as a company — across R&D, manufacturing, and operations.”

PLI uses machine learning to model battery degradation for each serial number, creating digital twins for battery modules that more accurately predict maintenance needs based on individual operating conditions. Root-cause analysis on discrepancies between modeled and field data, coupled to serialized bills of material, lets Eos speed up innovation in R&D and minimize variability in manufacturing.

“We’re excited to be able to help Eos build a scalable and secure data infrastructure that is smart enough to answer the tough questions,” says Manuel Terranova, CEO of Peaxy. “Peaxy has deep expertise in both the energy sector and in advanced data analytics. It’s a combination that makes us the ideal partner for Eos.”

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