Aureum 5.3 Powers Predictive Analytics in a Data-Driven Industrial World

Peaxy® announced the release of Aureum® 5.3, a data access solution that provides a foundation for industrial digital twins and predictive analytics.

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Getting Better Analytics And Insights From Your Collected Customer Data

Manuel Terranova, CEO Peaxy, Inc- Companies that understand customers’ buying patterns over longer time frames stand to win key insights versus their competitors. Customer data deserves a long term data-access-centric strategy to ensure that the data is treated as a reusable asset. Data threading is important as it lets you piece together various customer data collection efforts into a single threaded digital dossier. The best customer analytics happen when you intersect people who understand the customer data being collected with people who understand how to use and access the data over time.

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Aureum 5.1 Enables Digital Twins and Predictive Maintenance

Peaxy® announced the release of Aureum® 5.1, a data access solution that connects the enterprise to all its large unstructured data sets across different physical locations and the cloud.

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Peaxy foresees market convergence with Twilio, Nvidia

Last year, Association for Corporate Growth sponsor Peaxy Inc. nabbed a Gartner Cool Vendor award for its work in industrial unstructured data access. Peaxy has continued its efforts to innovate in this highly specialized area, according to Manuel Terranova (pictured), the company’s chief executive officer.

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How the digital dossier works in an IoT-influenced manufacturing world

One critical business imperative of this decade (and the next) is making good use of data assets, especially those that have “gone dark.” There’s a risk that sensor data, if not properly curated by a data platform, will fall into the void and never be heard from again. That’s a big risk when that aggregated data might teach your engineers something about how to innovate or improve on the next version of whatever they’re making.

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Why Airlines, Aftermarket Struggle With Digital Record-Keeping

The longevity and retrievability of MRO data are a major challenge for the industry, reports Manuel Terranova, president, CEO and founder of Peaxy of San Jose, California. This is particularly true, he says, for the preservation of unstructured data, which includes noninvasive testing results, engineering drawings and data generated by simulations.

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