Peaxy understands the challenges of managing large and rapidly growing datasets in engineering, bioscience, and analytics environments. We strive to ensure customer success by acting as a trusted adviser and collaborator with our customers facing these challenges. Customer success is integral to our approach to support and service.


To accelerate time-to-value we encourage customers to start small and grow. The process will typically begin by collaboratively identifying a project that will help gain the greatest technology and business advantages. Once the project is selected, we work quickly to pilot and then deploy the project. This helps organizations rapidly see the benefits and makes it easier to identify areas for future engagements.

On-Site Discovery

Our technology relationship with customers begins with a two- to three-day discovery conducted by senior business analysts, technologists and data architects. The objective of the discovery engagement is to learn about your data landscape and data challenges and how it affects your business and what can be done to achieve improved business outcomes.

During this engagement we work closely with your team. We follow a structured methodology that maps your business organization, data needs and challenges. We consider infrastructure and evaluate network performance, storage constraints, data sources, and data access and data management requirements and processes.

Prior to the engagement, we will meet with your liaison to let him or her know what to expect, and to review our engagement checklist. To ensure you get the most from the engagement, we require a liaison to coordinate information gathering and discussions.

After discovery, the Peaxy team will deliver a presentation and detailed written report that covers key findings and recommendations for improved technical and business outcomes


Based on our findings in the discovery session, we will work with you to choose the best fit for a Peaxy pilot. The pilot lets you see firsthand the benefits you can expect from working with Peaxy technology and services.

We will follow a structured process to deploy your pilot. Working closely with your team we’ll develop a detailed project plan and architecture. The planning process will include on site meetings to complete the joint planning effort. Depending on the complexity of your infrastructure, processes, and desired outcomes and metrics, pilot deployment takes between four to six weeks.

As an alternative to a full pilot, we can also create a less rigorous “proof of concept” that demonstrates Aureum working with your data. Again, working closely with your team, we’ll develop a plan for data ingest, work flows and metrics. To speed time to the result, Peaxy will provide an Aureum platform on loan during the pilot. Moreover, this plan will limit the amount of data and process work to guarantee a result in two to three weeks.

After the pilot, Peaxy will meet with your team evaluate benefits and issues encountered in the pilot. This is also a good time to map out plans for deployment.


Deployment delivers the pilot implementation — or, as required, a new application — into production to create valuable business outcomes. The Peaxy service team will collaborate with the extended customer team to create and execute a detailed project plan for deployment.

A focused period of support (a hypercare period) follows deployment, with weekly check-in meetings to ensure the system is meeting expectations. As part of hypercare, we will arrange to monitor your implementation remotely to ensure it is optimal.

Ongoing Support and the Customer Portal

Customer support is offered via phone, email, and the Web. Customers can submit tickets and review updates from Peaxy engineers in our customer portal. In addition to providing updates on ticket status, the customer portal library provides a range of documentation. Software updates are also posted on the customer portal.

The services team has many years of experience in both delivering services as well as managing third party vendors. It‘s our goal to provide you with an unparalleled, high value solution and a lasting professional relationship.


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