Peaxy BlueSky Wind
Market Analysis

A comprehensive and near-real time digital footprint of 1,500+ US wind farms. Enables AI-calculated financial profiles, energy generation estimates, and advanced statistical visualizations for each farm.

Benchmark wind farms against competitors, regions and climates

How does your wind farm perform compared to others in your region or similar climates? Are you generating the most revenue possible? Are you considering building a new wind farm or entering a new market, and need revenue projections? Peaxy BlueSky Wind Market Analysis gives you the answers with advanced wind farm performance tracking tools and data services.

View performance and revenue summaries

A Peaxy Value Score for each farm is generated by looking at real-time wind conditions for each location, applying wind turbine power curves to estimate power output, and combining this with other information including ISO region-specific electricity pricing information. The farm nameplate, turbine count and manufacturer(s) are also accessible at the farm-level view.

Benchmark using theoretical revenue estimates

The Peaxy Value Score for each wind farm is based on revenue estimates for the last 30 days, using real-time wind and electricity pricing data for this period. These calculated estimates enable more accurate predictions for how much revenue can be expected, given the local climate and typical energy prices.

Add your SCADA, if you'd like

Optionally, add your live SCADA data feed and a further set of features become available, such as benchmarking your turbine performance compared to others of the same model, training machine learning algorithms to detect anomalies and predict maintenance needs, receiving real-time alerts to monitor availability, and building degradation curves for individual turbines.

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Your subscription includes a comprehensive monthly dataset containing almost 1.5 million data points, along with an accompanying summary report. Together, the dataset and report provide a near-real-time digital footprint of 1,500+ U.S. wind farms.

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