Battery analytics is just the beginning.

Your data is your lifeline. Our battery intelligence platform allows you to unlock the full potential of your data with AI-powered software and compound digital twins.

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"We’re in a data intensive industry, so it’s important we get all our data to work for us. Partnering with Peaxy ensures that we build the right data foundations to continuously innovate as a company — across R&D, manufacturing, and operations."

- Philippe Bouchard, SVP of Business Development at Eos Energy Enterprises

"Our mission to bring next-generation solid-state batteries to market requires a robust and proven data infrastructure. Peaxy’s expertise and track record in managing and modeling battery assets makes them the ideal partner — one that will ensure our ability to swiftly and continuously innovate."

- Robert Bagheri, CEO of Sakuu

Case study

Peaxy automates digital capture of 94% of all battery data


batteries digitally managed


attributes digitally captured

speed increase in data entry

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Stefan Geens, Director of Product Design

A new look at performance monitoring for energy storage

Performance monitoring for the energy storage industry has traditionally meant a hodge podge of different systems, often based on outdated technologies and interfaces, with limited or no ability to communicate with other systems.

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Joshua Gallagher, Senior Director of Software Engineering

Three ways cybersecurity in the energy sector can improve

About a year ago, Colonial Pipeline, a major provider of gasoline and jet fuel that originates in Houston, was hacked by an eastern European group calling itself Darkside. They later paid a $4.4M ransom to restore services...

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