Create it Once – Find it Forever

Universal Access to Your Data

The Peaxy® Aureum® platform makes it possible to find, mine, manage and reuse your enterprise data—whenever it was created, wherever it is located. Universal access helps the enterprise make data-driven decisions and prepares data for advanced analytics that solve critical business problems.

What is Peaxy? (Video Thumbnail)

A Complete Data Access Solution


Virtualized Hardware
Standard Hardware


Data Access Platform

Data Policies & Workflow Engine
Standard APIs POSIX, Windows, HDFS (Hadoop, Spark)
Security: Authentication & Encryption
Distributed Unified Namespace
Distributed Data Stores
Integrated Indexing


or Custom

Enterprise Find
Rotating Equipment Predictive Analytics
Industrial Parts Digital Threading
Industrial Design Dossier
Apps on Spec

Data Source Examples
  • Computer Assisted Design
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Testbench Telemetry
  • Remote Telemetry
  • Repair & Maintenance
  • System Administrators
  • Simulation Engineers
  • Test Engineers
  • Research Analysis
  • Design Engineers
  • Service Engineers
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Data Scientists
  • Business Analysts


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Aureum™ provides a large-scale data infrastructure that consolidates data on and off premises into data lakes supported by the unified Peaxy namespace. The namespace spans storage types and uses patented technology to retain file pathnames—even across file migrations and technology refresh cycles—to ensure uninterrupted access to data assets.

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A sophisticated software-based architecture creates a distributed data space that is dynamically expandable. The software serves files, independent of the specific attributes of the underlying hardware, by clustering Virtual Machines (VMs) or Containers to host and manage data.
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Peaxy Blog

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Gartner Recognition for Peaxy
April 22, 2016

Gartner Cool Vendor 2016

Peaxy is a 2016 Gartner Cool Vendor. Data access has evolved as an emerging market that combines data infrastructure and management tools with advanced analytics to solve business problems.
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Aureum 4.0 Under the Hood
August 15, 2016

The latest Aureum release builds on the 3.1 features of Peaxy Find (threaded search capability) and security data services. It also improves interoperability with Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and Spark.
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