Warranty management
from battery data

Today, much of the unstructured data generated by industrial equipment remains inaccessible to core business processes. Peaxy builds specialized applications that generate value from this data.

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Products that focus on improving your bottom line

Our applications create revenue-generating opportunities across the entire lifecycle of an industrial asset.

Peaxy Lifecycle Intelligence for Batteries

Predictive battery analytics, powered by machine learning. Brings a unified data vision to battery R&D, manufacturing and field operations, enabling new revenue streams.

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Peaxy Lifecycle Intelligence for Industrial Systems

Predictive asset management for industrial equipment. Turns operational data into insights that optimize productivity, improving the lifetime value of assets. Enables new uptime-centric servicing opportunities.

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Peaxy Fast Proposal

Orchestrates models of industrial equipment to generate automated proposals with payback analysis. Shortens the sales cycle and drives customer engagement to win more bids.

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We know batteries and rotating equipment

Peaxy’s applications draw on our deep domain expertise in both batteries and rotating equipment across multiple industry verticals.

Energy storage

By precisely documenting the battery manufacturing process using PLI's Digital Dossier module, grid-scale battery manufacturers can quickly trace performance fluctuations back to their root cause. And by capturing the entire operating history of a battery farm, warranty terms and capacity guarantees can be transparently enforced.

Power generation

PLI lets wind farms and battery installations optimize their operations with condition-based maintenance regimes that rely on real-time anomaly detection to prevent costly failures and downtime. When a serialized component does break, Digital Dossier delivers the data that engineers need to perform root-cause analysis, and automates the preparation of insurance claims.

PFP lets wind farm developers show prospective investors that proposed projects will generate the required returns on investment, and lets them quickly adapt proposals to suit differing preferred investment strategies. Large power generation OEMs use PFP to speed up the sales cycle, ensuring that potential customers walk out of initial sales meetings with a budgetary quote.


PLI’s Anomaly Detection module lets jet engine manufacturers track incipient faults in on-wing gearboxes through vibration analysis. Digital Dossier manages both test-bench data and real-world operating data, so that machine learning algorithms can train from both baseline behavior and fault data.

Oil and gas

On drilling rigs, unplanned downtime from failures in critical components is one of the main sources of non-productive time, delaying the rig’s entire mission. To minimize costly failures in equipment such as top drives, drawworks and pumps, PLI with Anomaly Detection can monitor vital metrics to detect incipient problems, so repairs can be conducted proactively.


PLI with Anomaly Detection reduces the time spent investigating end-of-line test failures on assembly lines by using machine learning to automatically recommend targeted, one-time repairs. PLI with Digital Dossier tracks all assemblies by serial number, ensuring that end-of-line test results, eventual repairs or reworks, and any subsequent retest results are appended to the serial number’s digital dossier.