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Peaxy Lifecycle Intelligence is the only industrial and battery analytics platform that captures and analyzes your data down to the serial number across its entire lifecycle, to help you build better and run smarter.

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Industrial and battery analytics

Peaxy optimizes operations and revenues via scalable, modular applications powered by serialized data threading, machine learning and compound digital twins.

Serialized data threading

Reference asset data to an individual serial number and generate operational histories –powering predictive analyses unique to each asset.

Data fusion

Seamlessly cleanse and merge data from disparate sources to grow a normalized dataset for each asset during its lifecycle.

Machine learning / AI

Train libraries of ML algorithms on historical data to generate real-time predictive analytics on data streams.

Modular and scalable

Augment Peaxy to support specific use cases. Self-serve modules allow a quick scale-up of assets under management.

On cloud or on premise

Deploy on cloud infrastructure (e.g. AWS, Azure) or on premise without Internet access (e.g. air-gapped sites, submarines).

Compound digital twins

Real-time orchestration of ML models describing various aspects of asset behavior, including performance, degradation and cost.

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"With Peaxy Lifecycle Intelligence, we now have automated, granular data capture on our assembly lines, and full traceability of every factor of production going into our batteries."

- Current customer, VP Quality & Environmental Health and Safety

Explore solutions powered by Peaxy Lifecycle Intelligence:

Case study

Automating data collection in assembly

To streamline their manufacturing lines and R&D processes Peaxy Lifecycle Intelligence was used for a scalable and secure manufacturing data collection system that enables downstream performance analysis.

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Manuel Terranova, Peaxy CEO

Is the Moss Landing battery storage overheating event a tale of learning from the past?

The world’s largest battery energy storage site at Moss Landing in Monterey County, California suffered a significant overheating event recently, just a few weeks after the ribbon cutting for the facility.

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John Ervin, Chief Scientist, Peaxy

Data science opportunities in battery manufacturing

One of the biggest data challenges for the battery manufacturing industry is the sheer volume of units going through their doors. Predictive maintenance solutions can help us deal with this challenge.

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