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Peaxy, a leading cloud software company offering predictive analytic solutions to the electrification and defense industries, announces the launch of EcoGrid, a software platform for managing renewable energy communities and microgrids. The launch of EcoGrid is a significant milestone for Peaxy as it marks the company’s commitment to advancing clean energy technologies and transitioning the world to a clean energy economy.

Manuel Terranova, CEO and President of Peaxy, said: “We’ve seen a dramatic uptick of interest in renewable energy communities (RECs), as pending legislation builds on the European Union’s RED II directive of June 2021. Our vision for a simple-to-use but comprehensive hardware and software solution to manage RECs is now a reality with the launch of EcoGrid.” Antonio Montomoli, Director of Peaxy Europe, Srl added: “Given Peaxy’s 10+ year background in energy analytics, we’re well positioned to become a market leader.  We believe that EcoGrid can transform the way small to large companies and energy communities consume, produce and share energy to help them achieve their sustainability and revenue goals.”

Peaxy’s EcoGrid is designed to help renewable energy communities and microgrids improve their resilience, reliability, and economic value. The cloud-based solution handles everything from connecting to IoT devices and capturing data streams, to specialized reporting on energy consumption and monitoring the big picture. The solution, in deployment since August 2023, provides insights into energy efficiency, energy production versus consumption, revenue from earned incentives, and reduced carbon emissions. RECs powered by EcoGrid can improve community resilience, create jobs, and support economic growth. 


About Peaxy

Founded in 2012, Peaxy is a leading cloud software company based in Silicon Valley, California that specializes in unlocking the maximum value from industrial battery data through AI, machine learning and predictive analytics. Peaxy Lifecycle Intelligence (PLI), the company’s flagship solution, provides cloud-based, at-scale, lifecycle analytics and a unified data vision to streamline battery research and development, manufacturing, integration, and field operations.

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