Founded in 2012, Peaxy has the deep domain experience needed to solve the world’s toughest data challenges.

Industrial domains

Deep domain expertise in batteries and rotating industrial equipment — such as turbines, gearboxes and generators.

Advanced analytics

Application of compound digital twins and machine learning algorithms to predict and model industrial asset behaviour.

Unstructured data

Enterprise-grade unstructured data management, including ingest, parsing, processing and threading, model orchestration, curation, and storage.

Rapid prototyping

Small teams and an iterative approach to development, to provide initial value within 120 days.

User-centric design

Design thinking that delivers user-centric, field-viable products.

Cloud development

Cloud-agnostic solutions, on AWS, Azure, Google or Predix.

As leaders at top global companies—including Hitachi, GE, HP, Xerox and the Wood Group—Peaxy’s core group has extensive experience in both commercial technology application and R&D.


Federico Faggin

Board Member and Co-founder

Len Perham

Board member

Manuel Terranova

CEO, President and Co-founder

Leadership team

Manuel Terranova

CEO, President and Co-founder

John Ervin, PhD

Chief Scientist

Todd Beine

Vice President, Programs

Stefan Geens

Director, Product Design

Joshua Gallagher

Senior Director, Software Development


Bruce Grooms

Gary Leonard

Jim Rodman

Dave Summa

Volker Schulte

Milton Venetos

Our offices

Peaxy, Inc.

San Jose

2380 Bering Drive

San Jose, CA 95131